3 Keys to Home Based Business Success

Marketing is key to being successful at any home based business, but it is only one piece to the pie. After I became successful at home based programs, I realized the secret to success. When I coach people at network marketing, I don’t just teach the “how”, I also teach the “why”. For example, if you watched a video on how to build a house from scratch, do you think you could really build one? Probably not. There is a lot more to it right? That is why e-books and videos don’t cut it by themselves, they are only a start. If they did then there would be a lot more millionaires out there.

Here are 3 key points I feel are very important. Master these steps and your chance of success will increase. But of course this is just a start:

Step 1: Marketing – You need to drive traffic to your website. Without traffic, you will fail, that is a guarantee. There are many ways to advertise, search engines, classified sites like Craigslist.org, social networking sites, postcards, article submission, the list goes on. I train how to market for free on the Internet. Many people that join work at home programs don’t have the budget required for a successful marketing campaign. Free marketing helps get the ball rolling. Once you start to master various marketing techniques and start driving traffic to your website, that is where step 2 comes into play. But, even if you are successful at marketing, all that marketing will go to waste, if you do not understand the importance of the next steps.

Step 2: Website Attraction – Just driving traffic to your website is not enough. To be blunt, if your website sucks, no one will stay. You have about 20 seconds to get someone interested in what you are selling. Video is very effective at this. Using a replicated site that a work at home program provides will work to an extent. But you will have better success by building a brand for yourself. The only thing you are selling is YOU when it comes to home based programs. The program itself isn’t going to make someone successful. It is working with the right group of people that can mentor and help someone be successful. Video can quickly build a personal relationship when someone visits a website. You want to quickly reach out to people and say hi, my name is “Phil”, welcome to my website. Training videos work great too, show your knowledge and you will generate leads. People are just looking for a way to make money. Show them the way and they will follow. Most are confused when they see hundreds of websites all claiming to make them a millionaire, you have to be unique. It is working with YOU, duplicating what YOU do, that will create success. After you are successful at generating fresh leads from your website, we move on to step 3.

Step 3: Communication – After you drive traffic to your website and after you are successful at generating fresh leads, the last step is to open the lines of communication. Having various ways for people to contact you is very important. Also, and this should be a no-brainer, response time is important. I always hear, “you are always around”, “you always answer your phone”, “you respond so fast to email”. The most important thing to remember when you talk to someone that is interested in your home based program is, DO NOT SELL THE PROGRAM. I know it sounds weird, but do not talk about the program. I cannot stress this enough. People don’t care about the program, even though they think they do. The program will not make someone successful. The only thing you are “selling” is YOU. People will join if they believe in YOU. What do I say to people when they call? I talk about the “marketing system”, the system that they can duplicate, the system that they can plug into, that is the key. That is what people want to hear about. How can I copy cat what you do so I can have the same success? That is the question you need to answer, even if they don’t ask it. After you get someone excited about working with you, then you explain the actual program.

When you are successful at network marketing, you can be successful at any home based program, it is that simple. All 3 steps are very important, one cannot work without the other. Having this marketing system in place and being able to teach people how to duplicate it, is how you can make a career in network marketing.

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