5 Simple Ways to Improve CTR

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CTR is Click Through Rate, this is when you use a service like Google Adwords to post your ads. You obviously want the most amount of people to click on your ads, not your competitors.

1 – Place Trademark Symbol or Registered Symbol in the ad

Special symbols can be used to increase your PPC CTR, plus they can also be used to increase your organic SERP CTR.

2 – Place the Price in the Headline

By adding the price in the headline, CTR will increase. You should be careful though, because if you are no the cheapest around… this will backfire.

3 – Try Placing Seasonal Headlines

Placing Christmas Special or Easter Special with the product will help increase CTR. For example, if you are selling computers, “Xmas Computer Special” should work.

4 – Trademark in Display URL Subdomain

While you can’t use most trademark terms in your ad copy, you can use them in your display URL. Using the trademark in the display URL some argue confuses potential clickers into thinking that it is the “official” site of the trademark holder. Be careful with this one too… Google knows when a visitor clicks the back button on their browser!

5 – Exact Keyword in Headline

Search engines bold your keywords when they match the search query. Having tightly knit adgroups will allow you to take advantage of this without having to use dynamic keyword insertion.

CTR for quality score reasons is only calculated on the exact match of the keyword and is only counted on the Google search network. This means that any increase in CTR from Dynamic Keyword Insertion does not improve your Google quality score. CTR on Google search partners does not contribute to your quality score calculations.

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