Advanced Video Optimization Tips

Here are some tips if you are more advanced in video optimization:

  • YouTube is a video search engine but its primary benefit is that it’s a video sharing site. So optimizing is important but “video sharing strategy” is more important
  • If you look at your metrics you will see that a HUGE proportion of your views come from Related Videos not from YouTube search results. In other words, people don’t just watch one video at a time, they watch videos and they are using the related videos feature in YouTube to find additional content
  • 71% of views from embedded player, 7.4% from YouTube Search – Customize your video player for people to upload to their blogs
  • Push out RSS/MRSS and update frequently. Video search crawling has not been automated. It’s important to push it out regularly
  • Contact and submit to video search engines. If you email them you will get into their crawl queue. You will become a source that’s regularly crawled
  • Running a video search engine on your site can help you get more searches and page views which will help your site get more page views, ad revenue, etc… Plus it gives the traditional search engines more content to crawl
  • Use A/B testing to determine which videos get the best response. Link to these videos from your home page
  • Use Google Local + Video – people are 3.3 more likely to click. This is similar to the studies that show that sponsored search + organic increases CTR beyond just appearing for one result alone

  • Use content targeting through Google Adwords to promote your video within YouTube. Adwords is a fraction of the cost of what you would pay to YouTube
  • Use your keywords to see how the top viewed videos are searched. Look at how many comments, honors and links they have. This gives you insight into what your video needs to achieve to rank well for these keywords as well
  • Find videos with a lot of views and create a video response video. This will enable you to piggyback on the popularity of the other video. Make sure that your title and description are similar to the popular video

Optimizing video using SEO best practices is just a start. By combining good optimization with Social Media promotional tactics, you can greatly increase the popularity of your video.

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