American Health Journal and Video SEO

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American Health JournalThere is a new website with thousands of medical videos at American Health Journal. Everyone is saying video is where the Internet is going, but how do you optimize a video website? The first question that comes up is, do you use YouTube or a video hosting service? With some testing I have done, YouTube certainly outranks any video hosting service on Google, obviously. But do you run YouTube videos on your website when you are trying to build a brand. Usually the answer is no, but I have seem some big brands switching to Google.

With American Health Journal, they are using a video hosting service and building a YouTube channel. The YouTube channel will certainly build some backlinks and drive traffic to the site, so they will get some benefits. But just using YouTube, probably smarter for SEO, but not smart for branding.

When it come to on-site SEO, the site is built on WordPress so you know it will be optimized. With the lack of actual words on the site, how does a site like this get indexed in search engines.

After the first couple of months of the site being live, the doctors names have been getting indexed and showing up on page 1 Google. This makes sense since the doctors names aren’t very competitive keywords. The site is broken down into doctors, hospitals and medical videos.

The medical videos will be hard to compete on competitive terms like diabetes, cancer, breast cancer, ADHD and so on. The one difference with this site is, they are going after the question and answers. They will have over 10,000 videos that will be question and answer based. For example:

What Is Osteoporosis
Why Use Cosmetic Fillers
Why Should You Immunize Your Child

In the end, I believe video sites are harder to compete on when it comes to SEO. Will see what this site can accomplish over the next year.

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