Avoiding Burnout: 10 Ways New York Entrepreneurs Can Keep Their Sanity

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Rightfully known as the city that never sleeps, New York is a popular locale for entrepreneurs looking to start their journey. However, with your level of responsibility and the nature of being a business owner, it’s easy to burn out — a condition that could cost you your company.

Don’t wait until you reach the point of no return. We asked a panel of Forbes New York Business Council members to share their best tips on avoiding burnout and maintaining success as a New York City entrepreneur. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Strengthen Time Management Skills And Embrace Delegation

At Krause Sawyer, really strong time management is fundamental in avoiding burnout. Hand in hand with time management, delegation to a strong, good team really allows us to stay focused on our tasks, and the interactive exchange of ideas certainly helps us to stay sane. – Tracey Sawyer, Krause Sawyer

2. Learn To Say ‘No’ When You Need To

I have learned the importance of cutting back and saying “no” to obligations and to opportunities that I should not place on my professional plate. This gives me the focus and energy to concentrate on tasks that need to take priority. I find I am less stressed and have more time to deal with the essential components of running my business and my life. – Denise Caron-Quinn, In Order to Succeed®

3. Keep Your Business And Personal Lives Separate

Despite how difficult it is to separate your business and personal entity, realize that business is just that. It is business. It’s a means to an end, and if your quality of life is suffering, then it is self-defeating. Train yourself to compartmentalize business circumstances. They are self-contained practical matters and should not leak into your emotional space and peace of mind. – Jack Fischman, ADF Accessories

4. Turn Down The Social Network Noise

Just turning off your Instagram notifications can have a huge impact on how much information you are getting. Think about how you can reduce and filter communications coming your way so that you are not constantly being bombarded and can avoid overload. Structure your days so that communications are coming during your working hours, and don’t worry about anything non-urgent outside of these hours. – Henry Glucroft, Henry’s

5. Meet New People For A Fresh Perspective

The best way I’ve found to get out of my own head is to spend time meeting others and learning about their challenges and priorities. Grabbing a cup of coffee with someone new helps you to focus on their needs and goals instead of your own and provides a much-needed breath of fresh air. Spend time building relationships with others to stay sane. – Ludovic Huraux, Shapr

6. Explore The Benefits Of Flex Time

One thing that we have had a great deal of success with is opening up our employees’ work hours, and that includes everyone up to the CEO. Of course, there is always work to be done, but countless studies have shown that you are going to be more productive if you take a breather every once in a while. Draw lines between when you are on and off the clock to have time to unwind after a long day. – Yana Zaidiner, Token Payments, Inc.

7. Take A Vacation

I have a hard time separating business and family life. I am always working, no matter what. Over the past couple of years, what we have done as a family is travel more. Whether it’s a weekend trip to Hersheypark, or a weeklong trip to the Caribbean, we travel a lot now. In the past year, we have been on 47 days of vacation. It is a lot, but it really helps me disconnect just enough to stay sane. – Philip Smith, PJP Marketing, Inc

8. Remember The Importance Of The Little Things

Make sure you do the little things. It seems simple, but they add up when they’re lacking. Hours, days or weeks without exercise, sleep and family time leaves me feeling dizzy. When you find time for the little things — exercising a few days per week after the kids are asleep or spending the weekend road tripping with family — the balance returns. – Jordan Rolband, DFO Global Performance Commerce

9. Make Time For ‘Me Time’

It’s easy to burn out while being a full-time entrepreneur. This can be avoided by making sure to create a “me-time” schedule that includes self-care, spending time with loved ones, enjoying the fruits of your labor, and reflecting on your small successes and even your failures. The ability to live your life on your own schedule is a gift. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but it’s life-changing. – Hoda Mahmoodzadegan, F’in Delicious

10. Find A Job You Can Love

This may sound obvious, but if your work is also your hobby; if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do; if you’re continuously learning, growing and excited about how you can implement new ideas and tools; if you derive great gratification and satisfaction from it; if you would do it even if you weren’t paid, the chances of burnout are slim. – Sharon Lynn Livingston, The Livingston Center for Professional Coaching

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