Building An Internet Brand

The need for a company to build their brand on the Internet is imperative. Problem is, most companies do not know where to begin. With the popularity of video, blogs and social networking… Internet marketing has changed over the years. Below are 4 types of marketing techniques that anyone looking to build their brand should start with. This is just a summary, as I will go into more detail on each marketing technique in other blogs. If you need help with any of these techniques, please contact me.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is critical since most types of marketing techniques have something to do with SEO. It all starts with optimizing the website to make sure it is search engine friendly. Trying to figure out how to optimize a website could be a daunting task, but a piece of software that made my life a lot easier is Web CEO. It is free software that will point you in the right direction and take out a lot of the guess work. I will be creating videos on how to use this software.

Video Marketing:

Video Marketing is the number 1 traffic on the Internet, with YouTube controlling about 80% of the market. That does not mean you should only use YouTube.

There are multiple ways to utilize video. If you are trying to sell products, using video to explain the product will increase your conversion rate. For example, if you are selling clothes… having someone model the clothes in a video, not just a picture, will do wonders for your sales.

Another way to use video is by taking the same video with the clothes model and submit it to all the video websites. An easy way to do this is by using You can upload your video once and they will upload it to all the video sites for you.

Then you optimizing the video to increase the traffic to the actual video. Then the video itself will drive traffic back to your website. Optimizing the video is relatively easy, just keep in mind to put your keywords in the title of the video.

Social Bookmarks:

Using social bookmarks is very important. I have worked with websites that have easily doubled their traffic in 30 days just by using This service allows you to take links from your website and submit them to many social bookmark sites. What this does is promotes your blogs or web pages to hundreds of bookmark sites. As people find you on sites like, it will drive the traffic back to your website. This also helps in building backlinks, which helps with SEO.


Blogging helps in many ways. One thing to remember is content is king on the Internet. The websites with the most fresh content have the most traffic. Youtube, Facebook, etc… have a ridiculous amount of fresh content every single day, so people keep going back.

If you are trying to sell a product online, blogging will help keep that interaction going with the consumer. Lets say you sell something that isn’t a “sexy” item, like sponges. How much can you say about a sponge right? What you can do is something like the CEO of does… talk about anything that has to do with business. The idea is to keep people coming back and building your brand in the consumers head. So the one day that person needs a sponge, they will be thinking of you.

At the end of the day marketing is all about being creative, so it is up to you on how make that happen for your business. If you need help, contact me.

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