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This Mastermind will provide all of the information you need to either launch your business or take it to the next level.

Bonus for attending event: You will receive 2,000 in FREE business loan leads to promote our new course that will show people how to raise oney for their business, get a business loan, write a business plan, get a patent, get a grant and much more. Revenue projections from the 2,000 free leads at a 1% signup rate and you receive up to $500 per signup is $10,000. Well worth coming to the event, so you can learn and make money.



Phil Smith:

Generated over $8 Million in revenue working from home by monetizing Facebook leads and made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the country.

Phil will discuss how to launch your business as either a business loan broker or a lead generator, the business that has allowed him to build a very successful and scalable business working from home in his jams.



Kevin Harrington:

Original Shark on Shark Tank, creator of the As Seen on TV brand, inventor of the infomercial and generated over $5 Billion in product sales.

Kevin has over 35 years of business experience and will discuss multiple topics of business and sales. In just 2 short hours of listening to Kevin speak, you will easily gain invaluable information that can easily take your business to the next level.



Other Speakers Include:

Justin Jones: An amazing success story. Justin started out with zero experience and has recently bought 2 new cars for his family. He continues to build his business from home and has also recruited his wife to help. Justin has had success as a business loan broker, a lead generator and a lead flipper.

Brian Keith: Recently had a heart transplant and is only able to pay his bills because of the business he built through this training program. Creating an automated business so Brian was able to go through the heart transplant surgery and recovery process has been literally a life saver for Brian. Amazing story.

Alex Wolo: Phil’s secret weapon. The real story is Phil doesnt do crap anymore and makes Alex do all the work. So you can learn a lot from Alex.

James Vasquez: Loves long walks on the beach, tequila and younger women. He also likes the gym and smiles way too much. Oh yeah, James also has decades of experience in the business world and can certainly teach us all a thing or two about how to do body shots, I mean how to make money.

Carlos Corona: Has a massive amount of experience in business loans, lead generation, making money and most importantly, bringing cigars whenever we hang out. Carlos spends his days either working on the beach or he stairs at the clear blue Miami water from his home office. Of course, Carlos also has a PhD in the Miami nightlife. We recommend listening to Carlos for a good time. Oh yeah, Carlos will discuss how you can make money doing pay per call.

Adam Bulyar: Has generated tens of millions of dollars in the lead generation business. You think Phil has made money, wait until you meet Adam. The great thing about hanging out with Adam, is Adam picks up the tab. We love Adam.

Josh Brewer: Has been part of Adam’s team, generating tens of millions in revenue in lead generation. Josh is more technical and can speak to the inner workings of lead gen and building out automation. Adam and Josh are usually with us in Vegas, and are always a good time.

Ed Wienecki: CEO of Finance Factory, which is a leader in the startup and alternative business funding spaces, maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and ranked one of LendingTree’s top startup funding experts. I dont know Ed good enough yet to try to come up with anything witty to say, stay tuned.


Schedule for Tampa, FL Event, June 7-8:

Location of Mastermind: 25 2nd St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 – Phone: (727) 220-0950

The Canopy Roof Top Bar: Friday night from 8PM until whenever



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