NBC Interview in Connecticut

Interview on NBC in Connecticut I was on NBC discussing my personal consulting services Want to be on TV? Reach out to me by clicking here and I GUARANTEE I’ll get you interviewed on a major TV network. NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, Bloomberg and more.

Philip Smith accepted into Young Entrepreneur Council

Young Entrepreneur Council is an invitation-only community for the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Philip Smith, CEO of PJP Marketing, Inc, which owns iWorkInMyJams.com and PhilipFSmith.com, is a lead generation and e-learning company that offers multiple coaching programs to teach the average person how to start a business, has been accepted into Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), […]

Philip Smith was Mentioned in Newsday.com

I was recently mentioned in Newsday.com on a pro bono project I worked on. The company provides RX Cards. Here is a link to the article I helped the company with their website production, basically the layout and wording and some conversion optimization. I also helped with how to present to potential partners and also […]

Launched Medical Video Site AmericanHealthJournal.com

One of my latest investments with Canrock Ventures is in American Health Journal. AHJ has a TV show that has been airing on PBS since 2002. The have also won over 90 national awards. The content is very high quality and perfect for monetizing on the web, so we bought the exclusive rights to publish […]

Matco Tools Launches LiveWallet Partnership

One of our recent investments was in LiveWallet.com, a pre-paid debit card business. Now is a great time to jump into the debit card industry, if you are interested. Our first partnership is with Matco Tools, a $300MM tool company that is owned by Danaher Corporation, a Fortune 250 company. They are the largest franchise […]