How to Increase Email Marketing Click Through Rate (CTR)

I have worked with many companies that are bad at email marketing. Even some large brands have issues, so do not think the larger a company is the better off they are. As I write this one of the largest email companies can’t get emails into the inbox. Problems will always present themselves, but this […]

7 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is very important. I work on my own brand every single day. Below are 7 ways to help build your own personal brand. Express genuine interest in your profession or industry. Great personal branders know passion is one of the most important aspects to creating a convincing and compelling professional identity. […]

11 Product Page Conversion Optimization Strategies

Shoppers come to a website not only with an intention to buy something, but to also learn, research and compare what you offer against what your competitors offer. When landing on a product page, shoppers need to have their informational needs met before they’ll even consider pulling the trigger on a purchase. This is where […]

Tips and Tricks for Google Adwords

Here are some tips and tricks for Adwords. If you are just starting out these simple steps can help get over the initial learning curve. Adwords is a beast and you can certainly spend a lot of money quickly. So always walk before you run, do not jump in with 2 feet. Don’t use broad […]

Recovering From Google Panda & Penguin Case Study is an Australia business based in Tasmania, producing flexible insect screens from premium-grade materials and delivering them world-wide. They’ve been plagiarized and targeted by copycat competitors but have always enjoyed good rankings and resoundingly good client testimonials due to exemplary products and services. The past year has been a roller coaster ride. First they […]

7 Ways to Decrease Bounce Rate on Landing Page

1: Reiterate Your Main Drivers There’s nothing worse than clicking on a specific offer (20% off for Cyber Monday, for example), and seeing only the generic website with no mention of the special offer that drew you there. Pages should reiterate the original reason people were drawn to your page. Pages should also reiterate the […]

Google Panda Timeline

Google Panda updates have been wreaking havoc for a while now. I figured a timeline would be good to provide because if your website had problems in the past with its rankings, you can try to match up the timeline. Once you figure out what update caused your problems, then you can attempt to start […]

Google Panda Exact Match Domain (EMD) Update

Google recently announced the EMD Update, a algorithm change that attempts to get rid of low-quality sites. EMD sites have always been much easier to reach the top of Google. I have seen many real brands have problems reaching number 1 on Google because of these types of sites. So what happens is, EMD sites […]

How to Rank #1 After Panda and Penguin

Panda and Penguin updates hit over the past year and most people are still scratching their heads from it. Makes sense, after many took a big hit from their Google rankings you almost become scared to make any drastic changes. Lets take a step backwards and actually look at what Google did with each of […]

How to Fix Flawed Paid Marketing Campaigns

Most companies, especially the ones just starting out with Internet marketing usually have flawed campaigns. The biggest problem is most companies forget about conversions. Most companies tell me they want more traffic to their website, they want to be on page 1 Google. Yes, this is all great stuff, more traffic is a great goal […]