Why Video Marketing is More Important than Local SEO

Over the past year I have been helping more and more local businesses on Long Island and Manhattan with their online marketing strategies. Problem with most local companies is they do not have much of a strategy to begin with. This is totally understandable, but it does make it easier to work with a company […]

Why Conversions Are More Important Than Page 1 Google

Time after time I meet with companies and the first thing they ask is how I can get them on page 1 Google. Now don’t get me wrong, first page Google is very important and needs to be a main priority. But one of the first questions I ask is what their conversion ratio is. […]

800 Keywords #1 on Google – SEO Case Study

I wrote this case study to show that one website can dominate Google if the proper SEO methods are used. At no time did we ever build unnatural backlinks, use any black hat techniques or any other methods that are against the TOS of Google. The site did take years to dominate its niche on […]

Google Panda – Who Got Slapped?

If you haven’t heard, Google recently changed their algorithm to combat content farms. That means websites with a lot of duplicate content got pushed down in Google’s rankings. Google doesn’t like when a website is created and most of the content is copied from other websites. They want the website that published the original content […]

How Much is First Page Google Worth?

How much is first page Google is a very popular question. You might be surprised on the difference between the #1 and #2 spot. There is no way to give exact numbers because of all the variables involved, but you can come pretty close. The first set of data you need is to know how […]

SMX East – Internet Marketing Going Bust?

SMX East 2010 – Jacob Javits Center – New York City SMX East was worth the trip for me. I also live an hour away, so it wasn’t much of a “trip”. It was my first time at the show and wasn’t sure what to expect. The Jacob Javits center always provides a great location […]

Black Hat Marketing Worth it?

There are many ways to utilize the Internet for marketing. Online marketing could be broken down into two main categories, white hat and black hat. White hat tends to produce results that last a long time and black hat marketers anticipate their sites may eventually be banned either temporarily or permanently once the search engines […]

10 Basic SEO Strategies to Implement

Below are 10 basic SEO strategies that you can implement. You can also check out Web CEO, which is a free SEO tool that can really take out a lot of the guess work. 1. Identify the main competitive keywords (4 or 5 for organic, 200 to 400 for PPC). These can be found via […]

Building An Internet Brand

The need for a company to build their brand on the Internet is imperative. Problem is, most companies do not know where to begin. With the popularity of video, blogs and social networking… Internet marketing has changed over the years. Below are 4 types of marketing techniques that anyone looking to build their brand should […]

Restoring Online Reputation

Reverse SEO fits seamlessly within the context of your online reputation management (ORM) program. It is the quickest, most effective solution for dealing with bad press that has surfaced on the search engines about you or your company. By pushing negative listings from the front page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, reverse SEO shields you […]