Why Video Marketing is More Important than Local SEO

Over the past year I have been helping more and more local businesses on Long Island and Manhattan with their online marketing strategies. Problem with most local companies is they do not have much of a strategy to begin with. This is totally understandable, but it does make it easier to work with a company […]

American Health Journal and Video SEO

There is a new website with thousands of medical videos at American Health Journal. Everyone is saying video is where the Internet is going, but how do you optimize a video website? The first question that comes up is, do you use YouTube or a video hosting service? With some testing I have done, YouTube […]

7 Ways To A Viral Video

Viral videos are the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing. Every individual, marketing firm and corporation is striving to create a piece of video content that goes viral. Most of it ends up getting lost in cyberspace, but it is worth the shot. Some experts say “only 2% of YouTube videos go viral.” Granted, it’s a […]

Quality of Video Views Over Quantity

I thought I’d take a brief moment to point out a successful use of online video: The Circle Players. The Circle Players, begun in 1949, is one of the oldest community theater troupes in Tennessee—they’re also a nonprofit. All the members, from actors to set designers, are volunteers. To promote the biggest production of their […]

Is Viral Video What You Are Looking For?

The words ‘viral video’ have become synonymous, mostly incorrectly, with increasing brand awareness, online marketing and online video advertising. Yes, viral video can do all of that, but there might be a better way for you and your company to get the word out instead of the shotgun approach of a viral video. What is […]

Advanced Video Optimization Tips

Here are some tips if you are more advanced in video optimization: YouTube is a video search engine but its primary benefit is that it’s a video sharing site. So optimizing is important but “video sharing strategy” is more important If you look at your metrics you will see that a HUGE proportion of your […]

10 Tips to Optimize Video

Video is very powerful and if video marketing is done correctly, you can drive a significant amount of free traffic to any website. If you can go the sexy route like GoDaddy.com or just provide fresh content like any of the thousands of video blogs on YouTube. Here are 10 tips to help you optimize […]

Free Marketing for a Home Based Business

Location, location, location is what they say in real estate. When it comes to home based programs, it is all about marketing, marketing marketing. When you have a large budget to market with, it is very easy to drive traffic to your website. But many people that jump into network marketing do not have much […]

How to Build Backlinks

What are backlinks? Backlinks are links that point toward your website. For example, if you setup a YouTube account and place a link that point towards your website, that is considered a backlink. Backlinks have become so important to the scope of Search Engine Optimization, that they have become some of the main building blocks […]