Comment Backlinks Worth It?

Comment backlinks are backlinks usually created on blogs, but of course they can be created on any site that allows comments. One would have to search the Internet for their topic, find a blog with relevant content to their site and then write a comment and place a link back to their website.

Does this really work?

This type of backlink building does work, if you are willing to spend the time to find quality blogs with relevant content, plus put the extra effort into writing a decent comment so it will get approved. There are some blogs that will allow any comment, but most will have to be approved. When writing a comment just think to yourself, if this was my blog would I approve this.

How do you get a comment approved?

When you write the comment, just make sure it has something to do with the blog post. If the blog post is about vitamins, then write something about taking or buying vitamins. If you own a vitamin company, instead of saying, check out our vitamin website… say something like, does it really matter which vitamin company I use? How does this company compare to GNC?

If you mention another company and ask advice, you have a better chance than just placing a link to your own website. One thing to keep in mind is the amount of people that actually read the comment is going to be slim to none (for most blogs), so it’s more important to get the backlink published than to worry about promoting your own company.

I do not recommend writing a comment that just says, “great blog – go to my site”. The extra effort should get your comment approved and your backlink indexed in the search engines.

Does the page rank of the blog matter?

Yes, it does to an extent. One thing to keep in mind in any SEO process is the fact that you have to make sure your SEO marketing is done in a way that looks natural. If you only get backlinks from page rank 5+ blogs, does that seem natural? Not really. A couple backlinks here and there wont matter, but if you are building hundreds of backlinks this way, you should create some on lower page rank blogs as well.

What is NoFollow?

A NoFollow tag means that you will not get credit for a backlink on that page. You do want to target blogs that have a DoFollow tag so you do get credit. The problem that could arise, as mentioned above, is it natural to only have backlinks from DoFollow blogs? You are in the same boat here, it is wise to spread out the backlink building process to all types of sites.

Will Google really penalize me?

Yes, Google will drop the hammer once they feel you are spamming or doing any type of SEO that doesn’t fit their algorithm. What does this mean exactly? Here is an example. If you want to build backlinks via blog comments (or any type of process) Google has an algorithm in place that looks for spam. So if your website has backlinks from known link farms or if your website has a lot of backlinks that were created in a very short amount of time (this is done with automated software), they will automatically penalize you. 99% of the time there is nothing you can do about it.

What happens if I get penalized?

There are multiple ways to get pushed around by Google. If you go outside their white lines just a little bit, you may lose your search engine rankings for a day or so. If you push the envelope a little more, they might push down your rankings from maybe a page 1 to page 10. If you really piss them off, then your website can disappear off of Google. If this happens, you will probably never recover.

Bottom line is, most people do not know how far you can push the envelope, nor do they even know there is an envelope to push. There are many companies, consultants, off-shore firms that will contact you and say they will build tons of backlinks for you and your site will shoot to the top of the search engines.

You have to be very careful of this because most companies do not perform the SEO marketing correctly. You might even get great results in the first 30 days and be jumping up with joy. The problem is, if your SEO is built wrong, it could take 6 months for Google to realize and penalize you then. It doesn’t normally happen right away.

Happy Backlink Building!!!


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