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Since I have had great success in my career, I want to give back. I understand that most people do not have a lot of money to start a business. So this is an easy way for you to get your feet wet.

My e-learning course will show you how to become a business loan broker. I love this business because of the HUGE commissions you can make. Plus, most businesses need funding to grow their company. The most commission you can make on 1 deal is 18%. So if you close a $20,000 loan, which is about the average loan size, then you make $3,600 on one closed deal. Plus, you can generate leads without spending a dime.

Want to fire your boss? Spend more time with family? Go on more vacations? Want the freedom to do what you want when you want? I would rather work 10x harder for myself than work for someone else.

The great thing about being a Business Loan Broker is the fact that you make HUGE commissions. If you are going to put the time into building a business, then you might as well make the most profit you can.

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Below are videos so you can research me. It is a good idea to know who you are working with.

I partnered with Kevin Harrington, The Original Shark from Shark Tank. Kevin has generated over $5 Billion in sales in his career, is worth over $400 Million and has a tremendous amount of business experience.

You can meet and learn from Kevin and myself at our next Mastermind. After you join, ask us about it.

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I made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies and I did it as a 1 employee company. This is an amazing accomplishment and I am still shocked I achieved this. If you don’t know what the Inc. 5000 is then watch the below video

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I was interviewed on a TV show 3 times, which aired on a CBS affiliate. This is the first time I was ever on TV and was so nervous. If you watch the video I never moved my hands because I had no idea what to do with them.

Have $1 to try my course? Watch the top video on this page