Guest Posting and Link Building

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When a blog allows someone else to write blog posts, that is guest posting. Of course the content needs to be unique and relevant. Guest blogging will provide quality one way backlinks and should increase quality traffic as well.

Guest Blog Post

Guest Blog Post

Some tips are:

  • Treat it as a privilege (because it is) – If I was a guest blogger I would feel the need to step up my game, because you want to impress the website and its visitors. Most people can get lazy when they write on their own blog.
  • Create valuable content – It is obvious you would need to create unique and quality content, but go one step further. You know the difference between a regular blog post, maybe even one that was thrown together in 5 minutes vs. one that looks like it took a week to write. In terms of link building, a great post can go a long way.
  • Teach people something – When you are able to teach someone something new or even explain something they already know in a different way, that can get people interested in your writing. Maybe you can start from scratch and take a step by step approach. Do not just recreate the same thing that can be found in other blogs. Most do try to promote themselves in their writing, and that is ok… just make sure the links go with the content naturally.
  • Easy reading – Not that I am saying anything new here, but I have read many blog posts that have me scratching my head. If you can give details and write things out in bullets or numbering, it just makes the whole thing easier to read and understand for most.

If you need to create quality content, but do not have the time or expertise, there are plenty of article writing services. Might still have to do some editing, but it will save some time.

In the end, this type of link building does work. You will get your content shared and the links will start to increase. As this happens, your traffic will also start to increase as well, which will lead to even more backlinks.

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