I have significant experience in digital marketing and running online companies. Since 1998, I started 3 companies from scratch and all 3 were acquired. I have also consulted for many others companies, from Fortune 500 to small local businesses.

I currently concentrate on lead generation and digital marketing services with one goal, increasing my clients revenue. You can also check out my blog, LinkedIn page or recent Newsday article.

Some of my larger clients over the years

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I have experience in pretty much all facets of business, but there are certain things I consider myself an expert in:

1. Lead Generation – High quality, fresh leads is the lifeline for any business. I am able to provide leads via multiple channels. TV, radio, Internet marketing, email marketing, inbound leads from call centers, the list goes on. The key is I only charge per lead. So clients are happy because they only pay if they receive high quality leads.

2. Digital Marketing – Being able to dominate Google is only getting harder. Here is a case study I wrote on a website that I owned that had over 800 keywords that ranked #1 on Google. This case study sums up my expertise in SEO. I don’t just talk the talk when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, I walk the walk. Of course digital marketing is more than just SEO… its knowing how to drive revenue from the entire digital marketing landscape… social media, video marketing, SEM, affiliate marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, pay per lead, pay per click, the list goes on. I have always been good at figuring out the best way for a company to grow online and of course executing that strategy.

3. Business Development – Some of the larger companies that I created partnerships with are… EverydayHealth.com, AOL, HP, Intel, AT&T, SAVVIS and IBM. I have the contacts to get access to pretty much any company I need. Other companies that I had the pleasure of negotiating potential partnerships are… Apple, Home Depot, Starbucks, Metro PCS, Lowes, 1800Flowers, NY Times, About.com, Blackberry, Autozone and plenty more.

4. Monetizing Websites/Traffic – I have helped websites increase their online revenue and monetize the traffic. But there are always tricks to the trade and one of them is to drive customer acquisitions on a performance based model (only pay for success), then monetize the traffic to eliminate the cost of the conversion. The goal is to be able to increase your customer base without paying a dime in the end. Once you figure this out,  you can grow as fast as you want with no additional costs.


My experience with Canrock Ventures – early stage investment fund (2010 – 2012)

In 2010 Canrock acquired my Internet marketing company and I partnered with them to start up a new digital marketing company. Canrock is an incubator for start up technology companies. I was the CEO of SEO Pledge, a Canrock portfolio company, and was the Chief Digital Strategist for Canrock Ventures. SEO Pledge was acquired by Didit Corporation.

Some investments I was involved in at Canrock:

Live Wallet – The pre-paid debit card market is booming. Each debit card user is worth $400 to $600 in public markets. Here is a press release on the partnership with Matco Tools, who is owned by Danaher, Corp., a Fortune 250 company. I created a CPA marketing campaign to decrease the lead cost from $22 for each debit card user to $6.

American Health Journal – AHJ is a medical TV show that has been airing on PBS since 2002. The site will have over 10,000 medical videos. I closed licensing agreements with EverydayHealth.com, AOL, Newsday.com and YouTube partners.

HowToGetRidOfStuff.com – An article based “how to” site that dominates Google with over 1,000 keywords on page 1 Google – you can read Search Engine Optimization case study.


How I got started in my career (1998 – Present):
I started my career in the web hosting industry. I started We Link You Internet Services in 1998. We jumped into the ISP business selling dial up service (remember dial up?), then we entered the co-location and dedicated server hosting business. After the company grew, it was sold 2005 to Access Integrated Technologies, a publicly traded company.

In 2005 I joined FalconStor Software (NASDAQ:FALC) and created a new software-as-a-service division. The goal was to sell FalconStor’s software as a monthly service. This is where I took my business development skills to the next level and closed partnerships with HP, Intel, AT&T, SAVVIS and IBM.

At the end of 2006 I started an Internet marketing company and grew it one client at a time. I help companies grow their online revenue by providing SEO, SEM, social media, affiliate marketing, blog & article marketing, video and other strategies. I grew the company until I met Jim Estill at Canrock Ventures in 2010 and they acquired the company. I was CEO of Canrock’s digital marketing company for 2 years, then I decided to go back out on my own again.