How to Fix Flawed Paid Marketing Campaigns

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flawed paid marketingMost companies, especially the ones just starting out with Internet marketing usually have flawed campaigns. The biggest problem is most companies forget about conversions. Most companies tell me they want more traffic to their website, they want to be on page 1 Google. Yes, this is all great stuff, more traffic is a great goal to have. But if you do not convert the traffic into a quality lead or a paying customer then what is the point of wasting your money?

The idea is to reverse engineer your marketing strategy. What I mean by that is, optimize your website so you increase your conversions first. If your website is great at converting the traffic, then it makes sense to throw as much money as you can at your Internet marketing.

For example, if you spend $5 per click and convert at 1% (which is normal), then it will take you $500 to get one paying customer. This doesn’t make sense for most companies. So what can you do to fix this problem, because this is something most companies deal with.

The video below explains what I am referring to. I recently met with a company and their plan was to pay for traffic but had no plan in place to increase their conversions or sales.

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