How to Make Easy Money with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an advertisement application. Website owners can put Adsense on their website and generate cash when the ads are clicked on by visitors.

There are many ways to make money with Adsense, all you need is a lot of traffic to your website and you should start making some money.

I am here to talk about one strategy to make money via Adsense or any type of pay per click program. What most people think is, I will try and build a site and drive thousands of people to it and make money that way. That is the normal way and many are successfu doing that.

Another way is to reverse the thinking. What if you only had to get just a couple people to your site everyday, but build thousands of sites? Lets take a closer look.

The idea is to build thousands of individual blogs, so lets take and create 10 blogs a day over the next 100 days. That would be 1,000 blogs. Now each blog can talk about maybe the next big movie coming out this summer, like Transformers 2, or maybe the presidential election. You want to talk about hot topics and different types of news stories that people will search for.

Ok, now that you start blogging, now what? You take each blog and all you have to do is submit each blog to all the social bookmark sites. Read this for more information on

You can also create a Facebook site, Twitter, Youtube if you want to go the video route… there are many different ways to get each blog out there. But you can be successful at doing this just using, but of course diversifying is always good.

After you build the blogs and start submitting them, the best place to put the Adsense code is in the middle of the blog. So think of an eight line paragraph, put the code right in the middle and on the left hand side as well.

Now that you got your marketing going, you got blogs piling up, your code set… the only thing you need to keep doing is just repeating the trend. If you can average just 25 cents a day on each blog, multiple that by 1,000 and that is $7,500 per month.

The blogs do not have to be long, you can keep them to 400 words or less… the idea with this is quantity, not so much quality since you are not trying to build any type of relationship with the readers.

You can also setup an account with an affiliate site, like and try to make money off affiliate marketing.

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