I am Finally a Dad

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I cant believe I am finally a dad. I lost both my parents young, so its tough to remember having parents. I certainly missed a lot having them around as I go through life. Life has certainly changed for me, what is important has really changed.

It is really important for me to stick around to teach him what I can and just try to give the best life I can for him.

I grew up on the poor side, but I always felt like I had everything I wanted. Used to get free lunch at school, but lied and said we prepaid. Sat on the line to get government cheese. Was always embarrassed using food stamps.

We used to lose electricity a lot because of non-payment, that wasn’t fun since the water also got shut off.

That was then and this is now and I want to provide the best I can. Life is certainly different, but it’s all good stuff.

Update – Our second child, which we recently found out is a girl, will be arriving in February, 2013.

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