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You can question its name creativity, but All In One Marketing’s professional pedigree is beyond reproach.

Inviting users to “Automate Everything,” AllInOneMarketing.Com – brainchild of founder Phil Smith, brought to you in part by “Shark Tank” founding shark and uber-successful venture capitalist Kevin Harrington – debuted March 21 in Melville.

If “All In One” is a bit on-point, “Marketing” might be a slight misnomer: The software suite, created with considerable input from Long Island-based mom-and-pops and early-stage service providers, is self-billed as “the first all-in-one affordable platform that lets users integrate and automate everything needed to efficiently run a business, manage clients and increase sales.”

In short, to “automate everything,” like the slogan says – and if “All In One” sounds one step from “One-Stop,” the easy-to-remember ID fits right in with a brand built to make things as simple as possible for startups and other early-stagers.

“This software truly improves the way business is done,” noted Smith, a serial entrepreneur with three successful company sales and a string of appearances among the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

“Normally, basic business tasks would take time, money and effort, and business owners would hold multiple costly subscriptions,” Smith said March 21, when his new startup lifted off with a Melville press junket. “But with, business owners can access one streamlined solution that saves them time and money.

“This tool is a win-win for businesses.”

Also on hand was Harrington, the master innovator (he founded As Seen On TV, among other things), “Shark Tank” alum (he graced the first two seasons of the ABC Television Network business-pitch show) and now partner who agreed business owners have “endless things that need to get done.”

“Whether you’re launching a product or trying to scale an existing business, running a business efficiently really comes down to the time you spend on certain tasks,” added Harrington, who (as the story goes) stayed up late one night in 1984 – late enough for his local TV channels to run out of programming – and thought up the infomercial.

To help business owners address (or possibly avoid) those time-consuming tasks comes the All In One platform, which boasts a wide range of capabilities for marketing and beyond – from customer relationship management and email marketing to online reputation management and workflow automation – designed specifically to limit outside subscriptions and automate company operations.

But wait, there’s more: All In One also guarantees customers Yahoo News coverage and appearances on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox programs, while a wide array of digital marketing and one-on-one business-consulting services stand ready.

Strategic partnerships within the C Suite’s vast networks are always in play and Harrington will even take a seat on each company’s board of directors – a corporate je ne sais quoi money just can’t buy.

Actually, it can: All In One Marketing’s packages start at $97 per month – which is a bargain, according to Harrington, who predicted his latest investment would save business owners “an estimated $18,900 or more annually.”

For all its bells and whistles, the thing that appeals most to Smith – who in addition to captaining his own successful ventures has scored as a digital consultant with dozens of large and mid-sized corporations – is All In One’s Long Island flavor.

“As a Long Islander and a business owner, I understand the need to save time and money in order to be competitive,” the entrepreneur said. “That’s why I’m proud to launch our software and offer this service to Long Island businesses.

“Our software was created on Long Island,” Smith added. “And we had the local business community in mind when we built it.”


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