Introduction to Web 3.0

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It is amazing how any advancement on the Internet usually has about a five year life span. Web 2.0, which is still fairly new to some people… is now being pushed aside by the talk of Web 3.0. It is still in its infancy stage, but as we know… six months is a long time for technology.

So what could Web 3.0 do for us? Lets say you want to go out on a date and want to do the traditional dinner and a movie. So you decide for an action flick and maybe some Italian food. So you go to your computer (Mac for me) and decide to search for the movie times and a great Italian restaurant (because you want to impress your date).

What is your next step? Well, you need to find a movie, the theatre, the time and maybe watch some trailers and read reviews… plus you may want to read some reviews on restaurants as well. You may visit Fandango,,,… probably four to six websites.

Experts believe Web 3.0 will make these tasks faster and easier. Instead of searching on multiple sites, you might be able to ask a question like “I want to see an action movie and eat at an Italian restaurant”. The Web 3.0 browser will search the Internet for all possible answers and provide the search results.


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