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Philip F. Smith is a serial entrepreneur and a visionary, who runs a one-employee company (solopreneur) and works from home. Phil is a four-time INC 5000 honoree of the fastest-growing private companies in the US. His network of thousands of loan brokers is disrupting the business lending industry.

Phil partnered with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington to broaden his brand’s authority and credibility. Smith’s lead generation platform helps loan brokers in his network attract businesses in need of funding. His services only require a loan broker to generate business loan and mortgage leads, and then his robust back office and partners handle everything from the qualification process, application process, underwriting, and closing of the deal.

His services also offer the entire marketing funnel already built out and ready to go. This includes the landing page to generate leads, SMS marketing, email marketing, CRM, calendar software, ability to automate everything and much more. This turnkey operation is an industry first. It is easy to understand how he’s built an 8-figure business as a one-employee company, all while working from home.

DeBanked, which is the industry leading organization for alternative lending, had Smith on their expert speaker panel at their Loan Broker Fair to discuss marketing. Additionally, Philip F. Smith has also appeared on Fox News, CBS,, Inc Magazine, Forbes and Young Entrepreneurs Council. In addition, he hosts about 10 Masterminds per year across the country and has been a featured speaker for industry leading events such as the War Room Mastermind.

His persona is based on “what you see is what you get”. The notable thing about Phil, apart from his persona, is his personal corporate image. He doesn’t convey the traditional corporate image of suits and ties. Instead, he keeps it simple and casual. He wears a black Yankees hat, has a “ZZ Top” beard, and always wears sweats and a hoodie. He is very down to Earth and transparent, which is one of the reasons why all his Masterminds are sold out. Phil’s Masterminds have helped countless people either launch a business or increase the revenue in their current business. Multiple people have told him he has changed their life, which is why he is so passionate about helping people.

Phil firmly believes that you must become an entrepreneur to control your life. “I’d rather work ten times harder for myself than for someone else,” he says. His next goal is to strengthen the Philip F Smith brand via TV shows, podcasts, magazines and more. Anyone who is serious about being an entrepreneur needs to consider taking advantage of the services Phil has created. He is also starting a software-as-a-service business in 2023 and plans to provide a very affordable, all-in-one marketing solution to any small business. Phil is one to network with and learn from.

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