Below is a list of leads you can resell. The price you see is your price. You add your profit to the price below.



Cash Out Refinance Live Transfer $75 – these can sell from $90-$100 each. These are filtered for credit, income source, LTV, etc. only billed if all filters are met

Real Time Purchase or Refinance Internet forms
Shared leads (3 buyers) around $12-15

Exclusive leads around $40-45. Price is based on filters, so you want to ask your buyer what their filters are first. You can add a few bucks per lead on to these.

Aged Leads
30-90 old leads. $.35 based on volume. Can go lower on price and can provide older leads if needed.

Student Loan Consolidation

Filtered Live Transfers
$16 – Filtered for: $10K debt, in repayment, not in any programs or bankruptcy, have source of income, 90 second buffer. Can sell for $18-$20

14-30 day old feed. 2.5 cents each only sold in batches of 50K. You can sell these for $.04-$.05

Tax Relief

Filtered Live Transfers
$100 – filtered for $10K, no bankruptcy, not working with an enrolled agent, have source of income. Can sell for $110 each

30-90 old aged form leads – $.50 each. Older leads can go lower. Can sell these for around $.70 each

Debt Consolidation

Filtered Live Transfers

$37 for off shore – You can add up to $3 – $5 each

$60 for onshore – You can add up to $3 – $5 each

Auto Warranty

Real time online forms. If you have buyer let me know. These go for $9-$22 real time depending on filters

Aged leads are 30-90 days old for around $1 each

Auto Insurance

Aged leads are a 14 day feed can go as low as $.05 with volume and can get 100K+ a week. If you have buyer let me know


Radio Calls – Everything below is from radio or TVads. So the ad will play on radio or TV and the lead will call the phone number in the ad.

Every vertical below has a price per lead. Take 10% off the price per lead and that is the cost. You can either sell it for the listed price and make 8%, which is what I recommend or you can try to get more. If you purchase larger quantities the price can go lower.

Minimum purchase amount is 25 leads. They are exclusive, live inbound calls. You can choose your markets and times you want to be aired. They normally run from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, so calls are delivered during normal business hours, unless specified otherwise. There are no long term contracts or commitments.

There are no buffers on these calls, so the buyer pays for the calls no matter what happens.