Have you ever researched how much a mobile app costs to get developed? The price is no less than $10,000 and that is really cheap. So what if I told you that I could create a mobile app for as little as $500? You probably wouldn’t believe me, but that is ok.

Because of my relationship with Canrock Ventures, I am able to offer the development of a mobile app for all platforms, Android, Apple, Blackberry, HTML5 for a very affordable price. The first thing that I was ask myself is, how is it so affordable. The answer is easy, we have developed a software platform that is able to create mobile apps the same way you point and click on your computer. Two years of development and millions of dollars later, you have a very easy to use platform that can make mobile apps in no time.

If you are serious about getting a mobile app and want to see some others that have been developed, I can send you some to check out.

Below is a list of companies and organizations that would be perfect for a mobile app:

Below are some screen shots:

App Home Page Add Images or Videos Social Media
Ask Survey Questions Restaurant Menus Add Discounts or Coupons


email for more information.