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Philip F. Smith, the founder of, is a prominent figure in the lead generation and digital marketing industry. He has made it his mission to help businesses generate leads and sales through the internet, leveraging his own success as a platform.

Phil Smith is widely regarded as one of the foremost authorities on digital marketing and lead generation. He boasts an impressive resume and a proven track record in the sector where he works. Both his colleagues and his clients respect him for the dedication he has shown toward assisting businesses in accomplishing their objectives.

During the course of his career, Phil has launched a number of businesses, ultimately selling four of them, and earning a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s privately held businesses with the fastest revenue growth four times. Since 2006, he has been one of the most sought-after resources for digital marketing and lead generation advice. This is due to his extensive knowledge of the dynamic world of entrepreneurship and his proficiency in utilizing digital technology.

Phil decided to forge his own path, leaving the traditional corporate route in 1998 in search of the freedom that comes with being his own boss. He partnered with Kevin Harrington, the original Shark from Shark Tank, to offer a one-stop-shop All In One Marketing Platform ( and lead generation and consulting services. The All In One Marketing Platform created by Phil Smith and Kevin Harrington is not just a tool for businesses, it’s a solution for success. The platform offers a comprehensive approach to business growth, providing everything a business needs to succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape. 

With the experience and knowledge of Phil and Kevin, businesses can feel confident in their ability to generate leads and increase sales through the use of the latest digital marketing techniques. Their all-encompassing approach to business expansion, particularly their lead generation services, has received much attention and praise.

Phil is of the opinion that “high-quality, fresh leads are the lifeline of any business.” He and the rest of his team at have gone above and beyond to achieve high customer conversion rates for their clients by supplying leads to a variety of different industries through a number of different advertising channels. Phil has quickly risen to the top of a highly competitive industry, earning the trust of a large number of clients along the way.

Kevin Harrington, with over six billion in global sales and fifty years of experience in marketing, is a household name. He has introduced numerous best-sellers, collaborated with Billie Mays, Tony Little and George Foreman, and is using his expertise to advance the careers of clients working with Philip F Smith.

In conclusion, the importance of digital strategies in the business world cannot be overstated. Phil Smith and Kevin Harrington’s All In One Marketing Platform and lead generation and consulting services offer businesses the chance to harness the full potential of digital technology, stay ahead of the curve, and achieve their goals. To find out more, visit Phil Smith’s website at

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