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Newsday_logoI was recently mentioned in on a pro bono project I worked on. The company provides RX Cards.

Here is a link to the article

I helped the company with their website production, basically the layout and wording and some conversion optimization. I also helped with how to present to potential partners and also provided ideas on marketing strategies.

The company provides the card for free, which is a great idea if you have the distribution. Problem is its a saturated market so distribution isnt easy. I provided some insight on how to partner with the larger companies to get the distribution, but its a lot of time and effort to close just one of those deals.

I recommended to charge for the card, since I know another company that does the same thing and they charge $5. The difference between free and a fee, is the customer now puts a value on it. When you get something for free, there is no value to you. But when you buy something, you have a greater chance of using it.

I havent talked to the company in about a year, but I was asked some questions for the Newsday article. I dont know how the company is doing or where they are going, I just worked with them before they launched.

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