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What is and what can it be used for? In short, it is Twitter for companies. is a communication tool that benefits any company that wants their internal communications to be efficient, easy to use and private. Security is important for any business. If a company allows their employees to use Twitter to discuss private information, it will not be secure.

One of the major benefits of is its ability to allow employees to communicate, while sharing work related updates, helping each other and giving organization wide broadcasts. A great deal of functionality that swanks is taken directly from Twitter. Although, is similar to Twitter in both use and functionality, it is more refined for the use of communication within organizations.

With a secure and private platform, a user can share private as well as group updates, short messages or media with any other user without any fear of the messages being viewable to the outside world. gives a unique opportunity to its users to share knowledge.

With its public stream broadcast, users can gain knowledge from co-workers that normally would take hours. Users can ask questions, get organization wide updates, read urgent messages and see system broadcasts.

The interface allows a user to share a wide range of media with ease. The platform allows a user to share images, documents, videos and audio clips. can be accessed through Blackberry, iPhone and Windows mobile compatible devices for on the move access to important communication.

What are the differences to other applications? comes from a growing range of web based applications that cater to business needs. Like micro-communication platforms, Yammer and twitter, makes it possible for people to communicate with short texts. While Yammer is a direct competitor, the only difference between Twitter and is the focus on business needs.

What does it cost to use the application? offers services that are both, free and paid. There are various plans available in to cater to the individual needs of organizations. Although, has a free plan with capability of 5 users, this is not enough for many organizations. The paid plans are available in 4 categories namely, Basic, Plus, Premium and Enterprise. Apart from the Enterprise plan, all other paid plans are limited by the number of users and do not have internal deployment, Enterprise integration and phone support.

Who would you recommend the application to?

Although, is made by keeping the corporate audience in mind, it can be used by anyone who wants to communicate. In business, with its ease of use, private conversation features and good explanation of procedures, can easily be used by any employee.

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