Search Engine Optimization for Beginners Part 1 of 7

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Content is king on the Internet. There is a reason why the largest websites like Youtube, Facebook and Digg all have fresh content every single day. The content of a site is very important for successful search engine marketing. The pages you create should provide valuable information that references very specific terms and concepts that are unique to your website.

The text is part of the content that is important for being ranked on search engines. On average, a search engine will index the first 500 words from each page. The text on the page helps get ranked on search engines for specific search terms.

If you are able to provide compelling text you are more likely to be relevant for keyword searches. Setup a Google Analytics account and check log files to figure out which keywords visitors are using to the website.

You might be surprised if the most popular keywords that do find your site don’t match up to keywords you already had in mind and were using. The web is a great educator about how to succeed. Your site might be very popular for search terms that you hadn’t thought of when you built it.

When people use search engines, they aren’t typing in generic terms that are hard to define and measure like “business” or “software”. People use search engines for very specific names and phrases, terms like “refrigerator water filter refill”.

You wouldn’t have thought to include that specific phrase in your content because it doesn’t read very well. But if all those words are located in a web page carefully constructed to highlight keywords that are known to produce traffic, the likelihood that you will appear in a search result for a very specific search improves.

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