SEO Mistakes

Are you a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) newbie? SEO is quite complicated when you first start and the main reason is, there is so much information on the Internet about it… and how do you know what SEO steps to spend your time on. Since SEO takes so long to propagate on the search engines, you can spend 90+ days working on your website and then realize that what you are doing isn’t working. That is the worst feeling and will probably make most people quit.

SEO Mistakes
SEO Mistakes

Here are some common mistakes:

Incorrect or irrelevant keywords

Some do not target the correct keywords. I work with companies that send me keywords that sound great, but in the end those exact keywords might not get much search traffic. If no one is searching for a keyword, what is the point of trying to target it? Also, some companies start with keywords that are too competitive. Do you want to compete against Amazon, Walmart or Target? I know I wouldn’t in most cases. There are ways to tweak the keywords, maybe long-tail keywords (3 or more words), local keywords (instead of “criminal attorney”, how about “New York criminal attorney”). Finding the right keywords will help in getting better results with your SEO.

Here is a Google tool that will help you in this process.

Overusing Keywords

In 1998 the game was to take your keywords and make them the same color as your background and then write them over and over on your home page. That method is long gone, but some people still feel that typing keywords over and over on their site will help. The key today is to having a balance of all the keywords that you want to be known for surrounded by relebant and unique content for your market. Once you start creating content for your website (blog is recommended for this), then you can optimize that content for your keywords.

Here is a Web CEO review, which is free software that will help you analyze your website so you can understand your keyword density.

NOT Creating Unique Content

If you do not create unique content regularly you will probably not have much success in your SEO. Using blogging software like WordPress will help out tremedously, but of course the hard part is keeping your website updated. After your blog is setup, then what? Create content that is relevant to what you are trying to sell. Plus, make sure your keywords are optimized inside the content. For example, do not write a blog post about flowers if you are trying to sell cars. Plus, make sure your keywords are placed in the tile of the blog post, plus in the body of the blog post (multiple times). This will help search engines understand what keywords you want to be known for.


Flash is great, but all flash websites do not help out at all. Search engines will not be able to understand your website from an SEO standpoint if your site is completely flash. Some flash files are ok, but just stay away from 100% flash sites.

Too Many Graphics

Graphics are great, but words are better for SEO purposes. If you do have images on your website, make sure the title and other attributes for the images are all filled in. WordPress makes this easy when you upload or add an image to a blog post. Having optimized images in your website will help in getting your images in Google Images. You can get a decent amount of traffic from there. The only issue with Google Images is they do not update their database for about 4-6 months, so you might be waiting for a while. But that is also a reason to get things going today.

NOT Paying Attention To On-Site SEO

SEO starts with your website. Many are so worried about building backlinks and creating social media accounts, that they forget about their own website. When someone comes to me, the first thing I see if I can make their whole website a blog. If that is possible it makes life much easier to have an optimized website. You can create a static home page and just create the actual blog in its own directory. This will save a lot of time when it comes to SEO.

Hope this information helps, there are of course many other mistakes that people can make… like creating backlinks the wrong way or not creating any backlinks. Contact us at anytime if you have any questions by emailing us.

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