Are you looking for Long Island SEO training? Since I live on Long Island I can provide personal 1-on-1 SEO and digital marketing training services. What most people do not know is, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing, reputation management and any other type of online marketing is just a set of processes. Once you know how the processes work, it is very easy to understand what it takes to dominate the search engines and generate revenue.

I take the 80/20 approach, where 80% of the success is accomplished by 20% of the work (or knowledge). The 20% that really makes a difference in success or failure. It would take anyone years of experience and tens of thousands of dollars to understand how to generate leads, revenue and build a brand online. I have taken only the best practices and placed them into my training program. So even you, yes you, can dominate the search engines, master social media and understand how to take any online business to the next level.

Who benefits from becoming a digital marketing expert?


Watch the video below and contact me if you are interested in this exciting and rare opportunity

You will learn absolutely everything you need to know that is important to your business. But if you are looking for a list, below will give you an idea of what you will learn.


On-site SEO

Optimize metadata – (titles, descriptions, etc) check-box
Optimize for keyword density check-box
Optimize internal linking structure check-box
Research best keywords to rank for on Google check-box
Utilize long-tail keywords for Google rankings check-box
Optimize to increase conversions check-box

Content Marketing

Build backlinks via article and video marketing check-box
Optimize content for SEO (teach staff how to write with SEO in mind) check-box
Integrate keywords into content correctly check-box

Email Marketing

Optimize website to increase email conversions check-box
Build email lists and get visitors to return to website check-box
Setup email marketing software check-box

Social Media Marketing

Use top social media sites to promote content check-box
Effectively integrate social media into website check-box
Drive traffic to website using social media check-box
Optimize YouTube channel and video content check-box
Achieve first page Google for videos check-box
Drive more traffic from YouTube check-box


Optimize blog for SEO check-box
Install WordPress plugins for SEO check-box
Setup all on-site SEO strategies on blog check-box

Off-site Marketing

Utilize content networks to build quality backlinks check-box
Integrate videos into the backlink building process check-box
Build a multi-level backlink structure check-box
Build backlinks for social media sites check-box