Need tax leads or want to learn how to generate your own?

We have been providing high quality, exclusive leads since 2006. We can provide Tax Relief leads via multiple channels. To receive an instant quote, please fill out the form below.

We can provide the following leads for tax relief…


We can provide exclusive inbound phone calls from live transfers, TV & radio commercials . Or we can provide high quality data.

All inbound calls will be driven to your call center directly. Below, please find an example spot that will drive high quality exclusive leads to your call center. Inbound calls are the highest quality leads you can receive. We can either create a professional radio or TV spot that will drive you high quality leads via inbound calls or we can send leads via a live transfer where we call out on the data and filter the lead for you.

We can target specific states, time zones, call center hours, number of leads required per day, you name it and we will work with you. We have a tracking system that records the conversations, which will allow you to review of calls, provide sales coaching or anything else you need to make this campaign a success. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you drive new fresh leads.

Tax Relief Leads