TemplateMonster.com Review

TemplateMonster.com has saved me a lot of time and effort when it comes to building quick and basic websites. The latest website I built was for a celebrity makeup artist at RosinaBella.com. It is a 100% flash site so it is not good for search engine optimization, but it is great for looks. The owner of the website did not care about optimization, since her work is strictly word-of-mouth.

Template Monster is the largest, most comprehensive website template service on the Internet. Template Monster continues to add more high quality templates, keep up with technology and popular platforms and they provide great customer service. I personally ran into a problem with a template once and they quickly gave me exactly what I needed to get over the hump.

Currently Template Monster offers more than 20,000 templates in many popular formats, such as CSS with flash, HTML, dynamic sites for compatibility with a variety of screen types and even many in PSD format. In addition, they now offer turnkey websites, which are fully supported and hosted, the perfect solution for a small business or organization.

Through Template Monster you can buy templates individually with a limited use license or you can purchase it as unique and Template Monster will stop selling that template to help ensure that your site appears fresh and distinctive. Most of their sites are available for well under $100.

Royalty-free templates range from about $50 -$150 and can easily be sorted by type and category. Once you have bought a template you can customize it as many times as needed to create content pages for your website. Template Monster offers both unique rights and custom services.

I like that Template Monster offers not only quantity by a huge variety of template types from WordPress Themes to Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries to Turnkey websites. Really they have everything and if you need more, they have close affiliates that can offer great stock photography, music or hosting packages.

Stand Out Features:
• Over 20,000 templates available
• Complete turnkey websites available
• Up-to-date formats and styles
• Provides 24/7 support

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