Thank you for accepting the t-shirt and making the video.

Here are the mandatory things we want you to say in the video.

Everything above is mandatory to say and everything below are suggestions. You are able to say whatever you want.

Here is an example…

Hi, my name is Jim and I Invested In Me. I live in Florida and I am so excited that I started this business. I finally decided to start my own company because I want to build a business around the lifestyle that I want to live. I am sick of busting my butt everyday to make someone else rich. I would rather work 10x harder for myself and make myself rich. I currently work for a marketing company and I cant wait to quit, which will be soon. The #1 reason why I want to be my own boss is to spend more time with my kids and take them on more vacations. Thank you Phil Smith for providing these services and I am going to take full advantage of them.

Please hold your phone sideways to do a widescreen video

We obviously want you to be yourself and say what you want to say.

To send us the video, you can use a service like or if you use gmail you should be able to attach the video to the email and send it.

If you have questions, email us at

Below you can see an example video