Using Craigslist to get First Page Google Ranking

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One question asked every single day is, how do I get on top of Google? There are many ways to accomplish this. Some techniques are faster than others, but it will always come down to your exact needs. Everyone is different, maybe you are a company trying to sell products or maybe you are trying to sell a home based business.

Here is one way that you can accomplish this using Craigslist. You can read how to use Craigslist to get Internet traffic here. You may also want to read about Google’s search engine algorithm here.

Craigslist is considered a high ranked website with a page rank of 7 out of 10. This means that Google considers it to be very important. What does that mean? When an ad is posted on Craigslist it can easily get indexed quickly on Google. Google mainly looks at the title of the ad. So if you post an ad on Craigslist with the title, “Suffolk County Criminal Attorney”, there is a strong possibility that if you search Google for that exact search term, it will appear on Google’s first page.

You will want to stick with long-tail keywords, which are keywords with at least 3 words in them. You do not want to try this with the search term “attorney”, but maybe “San Diego Criminal Attorney” would work.

You might be thinking this is not practical and you would be correct. To most, this is not something that would work as a marketing campaign. But it does work for some. This works well for someone trying to get insurance leads or a home based program or even affiliate marketing.

The idea is to be consistent with the posting and make sure the keywords work on Google. If you do find something that works, just keep up the postings and do not overdo it or else Craigslist could ban you.

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