Web CEO Review

Web CEO is a software program that provides significant help with SEO. With features that include keyword research, search engine optimization, web page editor, search engine submission, link partner finder, PPC campaigns manager, ranking checker, link popularity analyzer, web analytics, FTP uploader, website quality audit, website monitoring, scheduler and report sharing system.

Web CEO offers all the essential features you would expect from a program of this type. The Keyword generator is a unique feature I was surprised to find included in the program. It gathers its search data from popular search engines, such as MetaCrawler, Kanoodle, MetaEureka and Galaxy. It’s similar to Wordtracker, but without some of the advanced features. The advantage is that it’s included in the price of the program and probably sufficient for most people’s needs.

The optimization tool is useful as it lets you quickly compare all the important web page ranking elements of your web page against top ranked pages, or even a competitor’s web page.

I really like the fact that after the automated submission task is completed, you get a report of the time, status and image of post-submission page of a search engine.

The professional edition includes customization of reports with your own company name, which allows professional search engine optimizers to generate reports for their clients.

After using this software for the first time over a year ago, within weeks I was able to increase my search engine results. Today, with one of my websites I am in the top 10 on over 150 different search engines.

If you are looking for SEO software that includes all the essential tools, take Web CEO for a spin.

Here are some of the features:

  1. Keyword research using a database of 400+ million keywords from 30 international and regional search engines
  2. Unlimited projects
  3. Make a transferable backup of all your data files
  4. You can print a report or program view to present it as a hard copy. Saving, emailing or printing your reports is identical for all Web CEO tools, you can do this in every tool that generates reports: Keyword suggestion tool; Optimization tool; Submission tool; Ranking checker; Link popularity tool; Auditor; Monitoring; Traffic analyzer
  5. Reports can be saved in HTM, HTML, MHT, XLS and CSV formats
  6. Reports emailing
  7. Scheduled reports e-mailing to several recipients at once
  8. Customization of reports with your brand
  9. Keep your client list inside Web CEO and manage your client accounts in an easy and convenient way
  10. Mine keywords used by your competition to describe their business, and form your primary keyword list
  11. Web CEO shows keywords and keyword phrases related to your query
  12. Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) compares the daily world searches with the number of competing web pages
  13. All webpage optimization advice is given in plain English
  14. Detailed analysis of over 130 parameters on your page that affect your rankings with all the necessary statistics including keyword frequency, prominence and weight
  15. WSIWYG-editing mode and HTML-editing mode
  16. Create XML, txt, HTML and ROR Google-compliant sitemaps
  17. Automated submission to 120+ engines
  18. Guided manual submission to 60+ engines
  19. Link popularity score
  20. Search for potential partners in the leading search engines
  21. Manage Pay Per Click campaigns
  22. Ranking checker checks your rankings at 600+ search engines with an unlimited number of keywords
  23. HitLens traffic analysis
  24. Built-in FTP client
  25. Web site auditor
  26. Basic host availability and performance monitoring

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