Why Use Misspelled Keywords?

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While Adwords is in integral part to success in Internet marketing, it can be very costly if not set up and monitored correctly. Keyword choice is one of, if not the most important, part of setting up your Adwords campaign. Your keyword choices are based on the search terms that people use to try and find the products that you’re selling or promoting. Misspelled Keywords should be a major part of your campaign due to the following reasons:

* There are many internet users for whom English is not their primary language
* Many of us who speak English are not great spellers

* Even those of us who are great spellers make typographical errors when typing

What does this have to do with Adwords? The information above results in a lot of misspelled searches.

Today’s Internet marketplace is so competitive that web entrepreneurs need every single possible edge over the competition. One of those edges is taking advantage of the over 15 million misspellings that are searched every day. Although that only accounts for 10 -12% of overall searches, the number of actual searches that are misspelled is a very significant number. This means that if you are not taking advantage on misspelled keywords, then you are missing out on a potential gold mine for your business.

There are two main advantages of misspelled keywords and they cannot be overstated. They are significantly cheaper to bid on for pay-per-click advertising and they have a significant search volume. You may be thinking “That’s great, but how do I find out what those misspellings are”. While there are many keyword research tools out there that include misspellings in their results, there are few that actually specialize in misspelled keywords. When searching for a tool to use in your misspelling campaign, you should look for one that includes at least the following features:

* Creates a list of misspelled keywords in just a few clicks
* Gives you options to choose the type of misspellings to look for
* Allows you to add your own keyword list
* Export keywords in TXT file for easy reference later
* Formats your keywords for Adwords
* Organizes keywords in broad, exact, phrase, lowercase and negative case

You can try two pieces of software, Keyword Elite and Keyword Typos.


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