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Philip Smith: The 1 Employee, Million Dollar Company Magician

Philip Smith has accomplished what he calls the “New American Dream”. He has built a 1 employee company, working from home that generates multiple 7 figures per year. 2015 was the first year he generated over $1 Million in revenue and has accomplished that every year since.

In 2018, 2019 and 2020, Mr. Smith made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the country. The minimum annual revenue required to make this list is $2 Million. Only a handful of entrepreneurs have been able to make the Inc. 5000 list as a 1 employee company. It truly is an amazing accomplishment.

In 2018, he partnered with Kevin Harrington, who was an original Shark on the hit TV show Shark Tank. By partnering with a huge brand like Kevin Harrington, Mr. Smith elevated his brand overnight. It was a genius move.

“Philip Smith is the best lead generator I have met, and I know all the big names in the industry. That is why I was so eager to partner with him,” said Kevin Harrington.

Philip Smith and Kevin Harrington currently provide consulting services to help people get into the business loan and mortgage business via the Loan Broker Network. But they concentrate on teaching people how to generate leads, since that is the real key to success.

“I owe my current success to the lead generation business. To scale to multiple 7 figures per year in revenue, without employees, I needed an automated and scalable business,” said Philip Smith.

Mr. Smith comes from very humble beginnings. He grew up rather poor and never imagined he would be much of a success. “One day I went to an ATM machine and tried to take out $20 and I didn’t even have that. That day I decided to make a change,” said Philip Smith.

Since then, he has been a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years and has built and sold 3 companies so far. Mr. Smith has consulted for large companies like IBM, Intel, AT&T and HP and has worked with many small and local businesses.

“My worst fear is being broke again and that gives me the motivation to keep busting my butt every day,” said Philip Smith.

Many people would love to live the “New American Dream” and earn a full time income from home. Finding the right mentor will help anyone achieve greater success in a shorter amount of time. But many people do not believe they can achieve this type of success.

“The best advice I can give is believe in yourself and do not quit. Many people do not believe success is something they can achieve. But if I can do it, anyone can do it,” said Philip Smith.

Mr. Smith and Mr. Harrington have thousands of people in the Loan Broker Network, and they have created amazing services that will help anyone achieve their financial goals. Of course, the success of any individual will always come down to their efforts.

“One thing about the lead generation business is I can do it for as long as my brain functions. All you need to do is learn how to buy media, which is running Facebook, Google or other types of ads and have ways to monetize them,” said Philip Smith. provides consulting services to help people jump into the Business Loan and Mortgage Industry. Two very lucrative industries right now as the economy comes back to life.

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