T-shirt Videos

Like on Facebook if you want to start a business from home When someone joins one of my elearning courses, I offer them a free t-shirt if they are willing to make a video on why they joined.   Meet Mario – I Work In My Jams.com Meet Traci – I Work In My Jams.com […]

Money20/20 Vegas Conference

Our Vegas trip to Money20/20 was great. Money20/20 is one of the largest financial conferences. I interviewed some lenders and they say there is a huge demand for brokers / ISOs. So anyone that started this business, this should help motivate you to keep at it because there is a lot of money to be […]

Income Proof

Like on Facebook if you want to start a business from home On this page, I show videos that prove my income and I also provide some training videos. Watch all the videos and also watch my FREE Webinar to learn more about this business opportunity. I teach people how to become a lead generator […]

James Case Study

Like on Facebook if you want to start a business from home James joined one of my elearning courses and has had success. So he decided to start making a case study to explain his journey. Watch all the videos and also watch my FREE Webinar to learn more about my elearning courses. I have […]

Philip Smith was Mentioned in Newsday.com

I was recently mentioned in Newsday.com on a pro bono project I worked on. The company provides RX Cards. Here is a link to the article I helped the company with their website production, basically the layout and wording and some conversion optimization. I also helped with how to present to potential partners and also […]

How to Double Your Conversion Ratio – Case Study

Conversion optimization is one of the most important pieces to the digital marketing puzzle. If you cannot convert your traffic then you are wasting your time and money. I have worked on many conversion campaigns over the years, but I wanted to show a case study where I was able to more than double a […]

Study Shows #1 on Google Equals 33% of Traffic

It has always been said #1 on Google is very important, but how important? There have been studies done over the years that show the click through rate of being #1. Some websites I have owned have seen click through rates for the #1 spot as high as 70%. Just comes down to the actual […]

Press Releases to Rank Long-Tail Keywords on Google

Long tail keywords are very important for your SEO strategy. There are many keywords that are over looked that you can easily rank for and grow your organic traffic. I made a video below that shows an example of how press releases can help gain Google exposure for long-tail keywords, build quality backlinks to your […]

8 SEO Ecommerce Tips from a Decade of Experience

I have been working on ecommerce sites for over a decade, mainly on client websites, but of course I had my own. I have seen many ecommerce sites fail over the years, for many different reasons. Below are the top 8 SEO tips that I could think of, that can easily turn a company around. […]

5 Basic WordPress Plugins to Launch Website

If you are starting a new website, WordPress is the way to go. It is an easy way to launch a website and manage it for the future. Many companies want to be able to make basic changes to their site on the fly. They do not want to wait days for their webmaster to […]